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Aquajets Coaches

Aquajets Coaches

Aquajets Newcastle is coached by Julia Murden.



Aquajets Competitive Squads


JUNIOR DEVELOPMENT manages the transition from swim school to training for competitive swimming. In addition to a strong focus on developing good technique, starts and turns this squad builds fitness and endurance to enable the swimmers to progress into either senior graded or one of the competitive squads

At this level the swimmer will be competing at selected galas.


Kit Required

Kick Board, TYR Splitfins,  Pull Bouy, TYR Catalyst Hand Paddles, Drag Pants, Finis Snorkel, Ankle and Breaststroke Band, Finger Paddles and Water Bottle.




Competitive Competitive is for competitive swimmers aged 9 to12 years old. The focus of the squad is on correct technique and race preparation over 50m and 200m distance. All four strokes are developed.

At this level the swimmer will be competing on a regular basis.


Kit Required

Kick Board, TYR Splitfins, Zoggs Positive Drive Fins, Pull Bouy, Catalyst Hand Paddles TYR, Drag Pants, Finis Snorkel, Ankle and Breaststroke Band and Water Bottle




Competitive  is for competitive swimmers age 13 upwards. Swimmers will work on all strokes, however as the swimmer gets older there will be more of a focus on stroke and distance specific to the swimmer. There is still a heavy focus on technique.

In this group the swimmer will be expected to be responsible and understand their swimming and the work required.



Kit Required

Kick Board; TYR Splitfins, Zoggs Positive Drive Fins, Pull Bouy, Catalyst Hand Paddles TYR, Drag Pants, Finis Snorkel, Ankle  Breaststroke Band, Training Water Bottle for Balance Work, Finis Paddles for removing catch, Water Bottle, Finger Paddles.  Some swimmers in this squad might be asked to get specialized correction equipment on the advice of the coach.




Performance squad is for swimmers who have reached a standard or training level that is beyond the competitive squad level. Usually these swimmers will be regional and national level and the programme will be specific to the swimmer.

Swimmers are likely to be at least 13 years old before they will be able to cope with the work load in this squad.

Training Times:  Total of 16 hours a week available in pool time and two land training sessions a week plus a flexibility session once a fortnight - individual programmes to be agreed with head coach for swimmers at this level


Coach: Julia Murden

Kit Required

Kick Board; TYR Splitfins; Zoggs Positive Drive Fins; Pull Bouy; Catalyst Hand Paddles; TYR ; Stopwatch; Swimmers Slate; Drag Pants; Finis Snorkel; Ankle and Breaststroke Band:Finis Paddles for catch removal:Water bottle for balance work:Water Bottle: swimmers in this squad will be asked to have specialized equipment on the advice of the coach




Land training for Junior Swimmers age 13 and under Sat am 8.45-9.45am

Gym training for Senior Swimmers Monday 8-9pm

Both sessions are run by the outdoor fitness company

Performance swimmers have their own land training programme with Pilates every Thursday 8.15-9.15pm

Join Aquajets

How to Join Aquajets

Swim School

Enrolling your child in Aquajets swim school is just a matter of contacting us either by telephone or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  We will then discuss when they can commence with the Aquajets swim school.

Click here for information and a trial session form


Competitive Squads

If you are considering joining aquajets as a competitive swimmer it is best to join us for a trial session.  This will enable you to experience first hand an Aquajest training session and give us the opportunity to assess which squad would be best for you.

You can attend up to three trial sessions before you need to join the club.

Please click here for a trial session form.


Registration Forms

Once you decide to join you will need to complete the following forms:

The registration form includes information regarding payment of fees which should be paid monthly from the date of joining by bank standing order.

Competitive swimmers are also required to pay an annual ASA fee which is due at the turn of each year


Aquajets currently train at two pools.


Fenham Pool is about 100 yds along Fenham Hall Drive from Two Ball Lonnen. Fenham Hall Drive, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE4 9XD.



Sports Central is at Northumbria University, Northumberland Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8ST.


AJlogomedAquajets ASC is a swimming club and swimming school with a difference.

Aquajets was established in 2009

The Aquajets  philosophy is that a high standard of competitive swimming can be achieved without detriment to an individual's education.

The Aquajets motto, 'TRAIN HARD, SWIM FAST, HAVE FUN' underpins this thinking.



At Aquajets a scientific approach is taken to planning training sessions, maximising the individual development within the pool time available.

Sessions are planned to include technical stroke development, endurance, aerobic capacity, starts and turns, yoga,boxing and land training.

What you will not find at Aquajets are swimmers being obliged to attend gruelling early morning swimming sessions before school.



Aquajets attend a full program of galas throughout the competitive season.

In the 2014/15 season a high proportion of our competitive swimmers qualified for the county championships, we have swimmers achieving regional and national qualification times.



At Aquajets we believe that the key to achieving is having fun.  Parents work together to provide an atmosphere where the children and young athletes thrive and enjoy themselves.

The club holds a variety of social events throughout the year and also a number of themed fun galas that bring the club together as a whole.