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AJlogomedAquajets ASC is a swimming club and swimming school with a difference.

Aquajets was established in 2009

The Aquajets  philosophy is that a high standard of competitive swimming can be achieved without detriment to an individual's education.

The Aquajets motto, 'TRAIN HARD, SWIM FAST, HAVE FUN' underpins this thinking.



At Aquajets a scientific approach is taken to planning training sessions, maximising the individual development within the pool time available.

Sessions are planned to include technical stroke development, endurance, aerobic capacity, starts and turns, yoga,boxing and land training.

What you will not find at Aquajets are swimmers being obliged to attend gruelling early morning swimming sessions before school.



Aquajets attend a full program of galas throughout the competitive season.

In the 2014/15 season a high proportion of our competitive swimmers qualified for the county championships, we have swimmers achieving regional and national qualification times.



At Aquajets we believe that the key to achieving is having fun.  Parents work together to provide an atmosphere where the children and young athletes thrive and enjoy themselves.

The club holds a variety of social events throughout the year and also a number of themed fun galas that bring the club together as a whole.