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Swim School - Discovery

 'Discovery' classes are an introduction to swimming.  They are designed to build confidence in the water and encourage a child's natural ability to swim. 

The aim of the discovery classes is to develop the ability to be able to swim doggy paddle for half the length of the pool on a consistent basis.

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Swim School - Imagination

The imagination class aims to develop a strong kick and two strong strokes to suit the individual child.  Turns and dive work will be started as will underwater work and breathing technique

Classes are one hour in length with children swimming lengths of the pool and receiving close attention from the class teacher.

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Challenge Levels 1 and 2

Challenge levels 1 and 2 develop strong technique and length swimming in all four strokes. Focus is on developement of a smooth stroke, strong kick, correct breathing, dive starts and turns.

Challenge levels prepare the individual for moving to the competitive squads.

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