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Challenge Levels 1 and 2

Challenge levels 1 and 2 develop strong technique and length swimming in all four strokes. Focus is on developement of a smooth stroke, strong kick, correct breathing, dive starts and turns.

Challenge levels prepare the individual for moving to the competitive squads.


Challenge level 1

Stage 2 - Length Swimming and Stroke Development

The aim of challenge level 1 is to develop the individual's swimming ability in all four strokes, dives and turns.

Swimmers swim lengths of the pool concentrating on developing good stroke technique, breathing and a strong kick.

Progression to challenge level 2 is when the swimmer can swim 100IM correctly using the correct  turns from a dive start with a consistent kick.

Weekly Hours- One and a half hours to two hours - 5-7pm Sunday


Equipment required - Kick board; TYR Split Fins; Goggles.

Teacher - Amber Kears and Tom Crosier


Challenge level 2

Stage 3 - Length Swimming, Stroke and Endurance Development

In Challenge 2 there is a continued focus on development of all four strokes with some endurance training being introduced. Work will continue on diving, turns and correct breathing.  The swimmer will be easily able to swim 200m.

Progression to Challenge 3 is when the swimmer can swim 200IM correctly using the correct turns.

Weekly Hours- 2 hours - 5pm-7pm Sunday (Fenham Pool)


Equipment required - Kick board; TYR Split Fins; Goggles.